(VIC) 288 Queen Street – Closing 24/09/2020

(VIC) 288 Queen Street – Closing 24/09/2020

The proposed development will involve the construction of a 24-storey commercial building, with 3
levels of basement, located at 288 Queen Street, Melbourne, generally arranged as follows:

• Basement 3: Lift pit access
• Basement 2: End-of-trip, waste room, bike store, services and ancillary areas
• Basement 1: Retail, amenities, services and ancillary areas
• Ground: Retail, Main Entry
• Mezzanine Retail
• Level 1: Concierge, meeting rooms, lecture room and amenities
• Level 2-23: Offices and amenities
• Level 24 Roof: Roof and services zones
• Level 25: Lift motor room

Warm Shell Option for Commercial Office Floors

Provide a tender price cost option for the provision of warm shell fit out to commercial offices as
documented and scheduled. Refer to warm shell option documentation.

Tender price cost options to be provided as separate line items.

Estimator – Matt Smith (mattsmith@ellisair.com.au) 0417 605 800